Mr. Splitfoot ~ Samantha Hunt

Hello everyone! I need to get better about posting more often. It has been a busy month for me with my husbands birthday and my birthday (yesterday) and planning my 2 year old’s birthday at the end of the month and it has just been so hot in So Cal that we just don’t want to be home! But I’m sitting in the coolness of my office right now.

I read Mr. Splitfoot earlier this year. It was weird, weird but good. I’m into weird right now. The ending made my head spin!!

The story switches each chapter between the past and the present. The past follows Ruth and Nat, orphans stuck in a religious home for abandoned children. They “speak” to the dead for fun and money. Neither one is really sure if they are telling the truth when they channel these dead people. The present follows Ruth’s niece. She is pregnant and following Ruth who is now mute and middle-aged. They go on an unexpected journey where the two stories merge.

It is bonkers and definitely a good read for the ghost-story lover.

Next book … The Guest Room ~ Chris Bohjalian

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The Underground Railroad ~ Colson Whitehead

This book was not my cup of tea. Now now, before you stop reading, I think it was written very well and the story moved along nicely. But I have learned that I am not into the Civil War era, slavery in general I guess. I know the book is fictional in nature but so much of the content made me sad and made me think that these events might have really happened to someone in history. I know this book has been highly praised by like everybody! It was good, so if you are into this topic, by all means get this book and read it!

The story takes place in Georgia following a slave named Cora. Life was not the greatest for the slaves on this plantation (I can only imagine). When a new arrival, Caesar, tells Cora stories of the Underground Railroad, they decide to escape to freedom. In Whitehead’s novel the Underground Railroad is a real underground railroad, with conductors and train-cars, not a metaphor. They take this journey all while being hunted since they have been labeled as runaways and dangerous.

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I am really glad I read this book, even though it was not my favorite, because I honestly think that this book is going to be required reading for young ones in the future. Very well written indeed.

Next book … Mr. Splitfoot ~ Samantha Hunt

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Day 2 of #24in48 (1 day late)

Yesterday was the end of a great weekend! I have FINALLY finished a book in one day! I was so proud of myself. Last readathon I took on too many large books and wasn’t able to finish in a day. But this time I was able to finish a small 100 page book in the first day and a 200 page book during the second day. I got a lot of really great reading and listening done. And I read for a lot longer than 24 hours! I started Made for Love and so far I’m liking it. I need a good laugh and a romance in my life.

I have submitted my proof that I read for 24 hours this weekend and am keeping my fingers crossed that I win!

Day 1 of #24in48

Today was a good reading day!! I started last night at 9 pacific time but this makes me in sync with the moderator and website. I read for 2 hours last night then got up around 6 and started reading. I finished Searching for John Hughes and 84, Charing Cross Road today. I also listened to a good amount of Atlas Shrugged. As of right now I have read for almost 15 hours!! I am so happy, proud, shocked that I was able to get that much done with two crazy kids running around and a husband. I helped with some yard work and made dinner while listening to my book. It was a great day!!

For the rest of the night the kids will go to sleep and the hubby and I are going to watch a movie. Tomorrow is a new day with new books. AND, just this second, we got word that one of our friends is in the hospital having their baby. So it’s good that I was able to get so much reading done today in case we can go see this bundle of joy tomorrow. 


More updates here, on Instagram and Litsy 📚

Happy reading!!

Some thoughts…

I am getting very excited for the weekend. This is the weekend of 24 in 48 ( check out their blog and join me….if you would like! I have a stack of unread books and e-books and audio-books. My husband scheduled his mom to come and stay with for half the weekend so I’m hoping that doesn’t hurt my reading time. I plan to read as much as I can during the wee hours of the morning and as much as I can on Saturday so I can still have a little weekend time to be with my family. I will be updating my blog with pictures and progress on what I am reading and doing this entire weekend.

Today I started an audio-book. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I had started and read half this book in 2015 but I was in a funk that year and didn’t do much reading. So I am trying again and listening to the book. I got it through the Libby app through my public library. Libby is the sister app to the OverDrive app. I never used OverDrive but Libby is great and so easy to use. I highly recommend you use this app to get e-books and audio-books for free from the library.

That’s it for now. I’m going to try to get some reviews up in the coming weeks of books that I have read this year. Also trying to update my shop since I finished The 100 Day Project. Stay tuned…

When Breath Becomes Air ~ Paul Kalanithi

I loved this book! It was a very fast read for me because I couldn’t put it down. I read it over the new years weekend (wow…I’m so far behind in my reviews). Very sad but so good. It made me think about my life and all the people in it. I know that death is in my future, in everybody’s future, but I want to make the most of it and I want to spend it with the people that I love. I am actively looking for ways to spend more time with the people in my life.

Paul Kalanithi questions the meaning of life in this book like no one else has. While he was in medical school he questioned what a meaningful life was and if he was on the path to a meaningful life. Then he was diagnosed with cancer as a neurosurgeon. He write about his treatments, family life and having a child in-between his treatments and returning to work. This is not a spoiler, but Kalanithi was not cured of his cancer and died in March 2015.

I cried like a baby reading this book. I held my kids close once I was done. This book was beautifully written and something that I will continue to think about as I travel through this life.

Next book … The Underground Railroad ~ Colson Whitehead

5 more days!! and another podcast…

So as I wrap up my 100 Day Project, I have mixed emotions of the end. I loved setting aside 30 mins of everyday to craft and think about what I love and what others might connect with. I talked to my sister-in-law and she said she fell in love with all the full flower bookmarks. Others liked the written ones or the hand-drawn pictures. All these likes and suggestions will definitely be integrated into my shop. I’m really excited to add new items to my etsy shop and update some of the old ones.

Stay tuned for more bookmarks entering my shop and other stuff that I will be making in the future.

Oh a little side note…I am listening to another podcast about books/reading. But this one is so nostalgic to me that I have to share because I love love love it!! LeVar Burton Reads. Check it out. Listen. Subscribe. Do what you need to because it is amazing!! If you don’t know LeVar Burton by name you will know the face. Mr. Burton is the face of Reading Rainbow! OMG…I can’t contain my excitement!!

Quick story…

I have added another bookish podcast to my listening ears. Reading Glasses is so great. Unlike All The Books, Reading Glasses gives you tips on how to read and when to read and how to get out of reading slumps. Yesterday they released their 3rd episode, so if you want to start listening now is a great time because it is super new!

So far I have really liked the dynamics of the girls that host the show. And I am learning new tips on reading and reading more. Bottom line is that I really love it!!


Three Dark Crowns ~ Kendare Blake

I get a lot of my TBR (To Be Read) from podcasts. And most of the stuff is so new that I have to buy it but this one was a t my local library. It was amazing when I was able to check it out from the library. And the book did not disappoint. It is a young adult novel and was super easy to get through.

Three dark queens
are born in a glen,
sweet little triplets
will never be friends

Three dark sisters
all fair to be seen,
two to devour
and one to be Queen

I really connected with this book! This book is about three sisters that are heirs to the crown of their island but only one will be able to take it. Each sister has a different power. Mirabella is able to set fires and control storms. Katharine is able to ingest poisons without so much as a stomachache. Arsinoe is able to control animals and make forests grow. In order to become queen the three sister have to fight to the death. The last one standing will be crowned.

I related to this novel because I have 2 sisters myself. We are not triplets but we are very close. We fought when we were younger, not so much anymore since we all live separately. But there is more to this story. The second book One Dark Throne comes out in September…I cant wait!

Next book … When Breath Becomes Air ~ Paul Kalanithi

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Mischling ~ Affinity Konar

…and another one!

I had to read this book about the holocaust….because that’s what I love to read about! It is about twin sisters, Pearl and Stasha, who are treated different in Auschwitz because of their twin-ness. Each girl is in charge of different aspects of their lives. Pearl has the sad, the good and the past. Stasha has the funny, the future and the bad. The girls are stripped of their identities and separated. Stasha, and a companion who has also lost his twin, go on a journey to find their other halves once their camp is liberated. This novel is very well written and shows us the love of two sisters and the hope of the world after WWII.

I read this book on a long weekend in Las Vegas with my husband sans kids! It was amazing to have that free time to reconnect with my husband and read without being interrupted. I think I enjoyed this book even more because of that. But also I have 2 beautiful sisters (not my twin or twins at all) and we have a connection similar to what is portrayed in this book. It was nice to read about sister bonds even if it was during the worst time of their lives.

Next book … Three Dark Crowns ~ Kendare Blake

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