One Dark Throne ~ Kendare Blake


The Ascension Year is moving at full speed. The sisters are stronger than ever and constantly on the look out for danger. Arsinoe has discovered the real truths behind her powers and must now figure out how to use these powers without letting the secret out. Katharine is now looked at as the strongest sister. And Mirabella must keep her followers safe from the attacks from her sisters and their people.

This is becoming an Ascension Year to remember when twists and turns are thrown at each girl. The only thing stranding in the way of the crown is each other. These girls were bread to fight to the death.


My Review

I am really enjoying this series so far! Normally when I read a series all the books are out already. This one is different and I’m having to wait for the books to come out. But it is exciting to read and revisit the characters every year. The triplets are portrayed so well and have complicated lives, like any normal family would.

I recommend these books to anyone looking for a quick and easy read. It was so fast paced that it was hard to put the book down and go about my day. There are so many characters that I just love. Just read it and fall in love the way I did!!

Next book … Chemistry ~ Weike Wang

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