Dark Matter ~ Blake Crouch

I finished this book in 2 days. I don’t normally listen to books but I was able to get this one and I have to admit I needed a little break from listening to podcasts all day. So I binge-listened to this book quickly.

I used to listen to audio-books all the time when I had a far commute to work. But now I work 8 miles from home so I stopped listening to them as I drove. Then I found podcasts! I was able to listen to them while I worked but was getting bored – I don’t want to say I was bored but I guess I was – with the podcasts that I subscribe to and needed to switch it up a little bit. I found this book and have been wanting to read it since it came out a couple months ago. Here was my chance and I was not disappointed!

I was trying to explain this book to my husband without giving anything away because I really think this book is up his alley. We both are science nerds! We love to watch the Science Channel and learn about space and physics and parallel universes. It’s just so interesting! That’s why I picked up this book and the same reason why my geeky husband should read it also.

The novel is about a scientist, Jason, who wakes up one day and finds that he is not married and has no child. He remembers that he has a wife and child but nobody else does. The book goes through all the what ifs that people have in everyday life, that Jason has. There is science involved but not too much where it is not easily understood. I don’t want to give anything away because it is so good! Read it, you won’t be disappointed.

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