Security ~ Gina Wohlsdorf

I have finally met a book this year that I haven’t been all in to. It was talked about a couple times on All the Books podcast so I thought I would give it a try. I love scary books but I could not get into this one. It started off good but I don’t know, I just couldn’t get behind it. Maybe because it was set on the west coast and I’m over living on the west coast. I don’t know. But I stuck it out and finished it.

The book is about a new hotel that is built on the coast of California. It is about to open but there are killers lurking inside. One by one all the staff is picked off by these two masterminds. This hotel is supposed to be the most secure but it has its flaws.

The book was written by the different camera views. I heard it talked about that the pages were split depending on what camera you were reading about. But I read the e-book format and there was no split with the pages. I did’t get that effect and maybe that’s why I wasn’t completely into the book. That may have added that little extra the book needed. And the ending…I wasn’t sure if my copy cut off or what. Then I remembered that Liberty, on All the Books, had talked about that. I wanted to go to a book store and look at the end just to make sure I wasn’t crazy but I never got the time. I still haven’t got into a bookstore.

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(I’m going to give you guys a little background on why I’m over the west coast and why I haven’t been into a bookstore. My husband, daughters and I are trying to transfer to Ohio with his job. I want to stay home, raise our kids and eventually put them in the best schools. The area that we live in now is expensive! We both have to work in order to pay rent and daycare. If we stay in California we will not buy property. That is our goal as a married couple. A year ago we decided that moving out of state would be the best way to have our cake and eat it too. So we are waiting to hear about the transfer, that’s why I’m over the west coast and its prices. And since we may be moving across the country in the Spring, my husband has put a ban on my book buying. I am only allowed to get books on my kindle…for now! I want to write a longer post on our reasons why we are moving but I just haven’t had time. Soon, I promise!!)

Next book … A Game of Thrones ~ George R.R. Martin