A Game of Thrones ~ George R.R. Martin

I LOVE GAME OF THRONES!!! I love the show and now I am in love with the books! I love when movies/shows are made from books. I usually like to watch first then read so I can get a character in my head and put a face to them. I know other people like to use their imagination but I like to see them first. Especially if it is a long series like Game of Thrones on HBO.

My husband and I started watching the show at the beginning of the year. We flew through it, it was that good! And now we wait. We wait for the new season to come out. But while we wait I will listen to all the novels. They are amazing! Exactly like the show but with more detail. I love it!!

The novels are broken up into chapters (obviously). But each chapter is from the point of view of a certain character. So the book jumps around in space but not in time. It follows the Stark family as they live in Winterfell and when they all split up. Some of the family goes to King’s Landing, one goes to The Wall, some stay in Winterfell and others go in different directions. Other chapters follow the Lannisters, the Baratheons, Daenerys Targaryen and other lords and ladys of the kingdom.

I highly recommend that you watch the show before reading the books. There are so many characters and the show does a great job of sticking true to the novels and including all of the characters. If I forgot who a character was I would just look them up on the many wiki’s that are on the internet. There really is a huge following of fans for the novels and the show.

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