A Clash of Kings ~ George R. R. Martin

What can I say about this book that I didn’t say about the first? Um…I loved it! I listen to these books because they are so long. They give me something to listen to as I work and it really makes the day fly by. I listen to them at 1.5x speed so I don’t have to listen for 40 hours. But it is just slow enough that I still comprehend what is being read to me.

This is the second book in the Game of Thrones series. This novel follows the Stark family all over the Seven Kingdoms, as well as other families that are entwined with that group and some that are not. People die and are killed and some are just separated from the ones that they love.

It is a great novel. And there is so much going on that I am never bored with the books. Plus I really like the guy that reads the books. Continuing the books on tape….is that what it’s still called?

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(Sidenote: Watching the Super Bowl [commercials] and just saw the one for Stranger Things 2…HALLOWEEN!!! I can’t wait that long! I want to watch the new season like now!)

Next book … The Wolf Road ~ Beth Lewis

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