After moving into my new home, I needed to get my creative side back. I finally have a space that I can dedicate to my crafts, and have enough storage space for it all. During my working hours and downtime I listen to a million and one podcasts. One in particular has talked about The 100 Day Project on a few occasions. I always have an excuse as to why I can’t start new projects or work on my crafts, so I made a conscience decision to set this goal and stick to it!

I am almost half way through the 100 days, today is number 43, and I am still going strong. I have pledged to create a totally unique bookmark for 100 days. I have thrown two parties and still carved out 20 minutes to make a bookmark. Most of my bookmarks take about 15-30 minutes to make. I use newspaper that I have laying around, old magazines, stickers, sharpies, paint, burlap, yarn, pretty much anything that I can get my crafty hands on.

I have noticed that I gravitate towards flowers in magazines. I love the bright colors and the many different varieties that I find. I also love calligraphy! I have wanted to start learning how to write fancy and I have found a way to do that with this project.

Check out my Instagram page with all my bookmarks. @ashsbookmarks

The link is also to the right of this post. I have sold a few of the bookmarks but am unsure if I want to post them all to my etsy shop or just the select few that I have really fallen in love with. I’m still going to think on that one for a few days. In the meantime I will post a few of them here and then enjoy the rest of my Mother’s Day weekend.

Day 41: Black stripes, gold dots 😍🤗 #ashsbookmarks #the100dayproject #bookmark #craft

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Day 20: The Trees #ashsbookmarks #the100dayproject #bookmark #craft #trees

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