Mr. Splitfoot ~ Samantha Hunt

Hello everyone! I need to get better about posting more often. It has been a busy month for me with my husbands birthday and my birthday (yesterday) and planning my 2 year old’s birthday at the end of the month and it has just been so hot in So Cal that we just don’t want to be home! But I’m sitting in the coolness of my office right now.

I read Mr. Splitfoot earlier this year. It was weird, weird but good. I’m into weird right now. The ending made my head spin!!

The story switches each chapter between the past and the present. The past follows Ruth and Nat, orphans stuck in a religious home for abandoned children. They “speak” to the dead for fun and money. Neither one is really sure if they are telling the truth when they channel these dead people. The present follows Ruth’s niece. She is pregnant and following Ruth who is now mute and middle-aged. They go on an unexpected journey where the two stories merge.

It is bonkers and definitely a good read for the ghost-story lover.

Next book … The Guest Room ~┬áChris Bohjalian

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