2017 in Review

2017 was a great year!

My husband and I bought our first home, something that I never thought would happen as long as we were living in Southern California. We found a great little neighborhood with great little houses in a great school district for our kids. Our dreams of moving out of state are not dead but in the meantime we have our little home to take care of.

I did something in 2017 that I had never done before. I did the 100 day challenge. I created 100 bookmarks over 100 days. I had so much fun! There were times when I thought that I would have to skip a day, most notably on the day we had a party for my daughter’s 4th birthday. But I prevailed and never missed a day. I created some great bookmarks and added a ton of them to my etsy shop. Towards the end of 2017 I have slowed on creating bookmarks but I am positive that I will pick it back up now that the year is over.

At the beginning of the year I created a goal for myself to read at least 50 books. I did not meet that goal but I got close with 42 books read. I have to say that this was by far the most books I have read in a year. There was a period of adjustment when we moved. I was now driving for an hour each way to work. I had to get used to that drive time so my reading time suffered a bit. I am very proud at how far I got and hope to top that goal in 2018! I read so many novels and series that I thoroughly enjoyed; Annihilation, The Magicians, Red Rising, Big Little Lies, Ready Player One, my favorites list from last year could go on and on.

As a family of 4 we started getting outdoors more last year. We started going camping. Both my husband and I used to go with our families when we were younger but lost that when both our sets of parents got divorced. We saw my younger sister going camping with her boyfriend and my older sister going camping with her two boys and wanted to join in the fun. Our first trip was to a small little lake about an hour and a half drive from us. It was hot the summer weekend we went. We played in the water and ate next to the campfire. From that first trip we learned a few things, what to bring and what not to bring. Our second and final camping trips of 2017 we went to Sequoia and Big Sur. In both parks we had no cell reception which was a blessing and at times a curse. It was so nice to get out in the woods and be detached from our phones for a weekend. We have two camping trips planned for 2018, both planned with my sisters. I am hoping to plan at least two more.

Those were my highlights from last year. Leave me a comment about what you did last year and what you plan to do this year.