Day 1 of #24in48

Today was a good reading day!! I started last night at 9 pacific time but this makes me in sync with the moderator and website. I read for 2 hours last night then got up around 6 and started reading. I finished Searching for John Hughes and 84, Charing Cross Road today. I also listened to a good amount of Atlas Shrugged. As of right now I have read for almost 15 hours!! I am so happy, proud, shocked that I was able to get that much done with two crazy kids running around and a husband. I helped with some yard work and made dinner while listening to my book. It was a great day!!

For the rest of the night the kids will go to sleep and the hubby and I are going to watch a movie. Tomorrow is a new day with new books. AND, just this second, we got word that one of our friends is in the hospital having their baby. So it’s good that I was able to get so much reading done today in case we can go see this bundle of joy tomorrow. 


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Happy reading!!

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