The Underground Railroad ~ Colson Whitehead

This book was not my cup of tea. Now now, before you stop reading, I think it was written very well and the story moved along nicely. But I have learned that I am not into the Civil War era, slavery in general I guess. I know the book is fictional in nature but so much of the content made me sad and made me think that these events might have really happened to someone in history. I know this book has been highly praised by like everybody! It was good, so if you are into this topic, by all means get this book and read it!

The story takes place in Georgia following a slave named Cora. Life was not the greatest for the slaves on this plantation (I can only imagine). When a new arrival, Caesar, tells Cora stories of the Underground Railroad, they decide to escape to freedom. In Whitehead’s novel the Underground Railroad is a real underground railroad, with conductors and train-cars, not a metaphor. They take this journey all while being hunted since they have been labeled as runaways and dangerous.

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I am really glad I read this book, even though it was not my favorite, because I honestly think that this book is going to be required reading for young ones in the future. Very well written indeed.

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