The Guest Room ~ Chris Bohjalian

Soooooo good!! I really fell in love with this book. Maybe because I liked the setting of the back east suburb and and the seemingly perfect family. There was just so much that made me not want to put this book down. But I did…..when I finished it!

The novel centers around Richard Chapman and the party he allowed in his home. He allowed his younger brother to have his bachelor party in his home where his friends proceeded to hire Russian entertainment. In their drunkenness, Richard who is married, was lead to the guest room by one of the Russian girls. Meanwhile, downstairs things are escalating quickly with the other Russian girl, her bodyguards and the rest of the guys. There is an incident, people die, and the girls take off. The story splits from there with Richard’s marriage crumbling and the girls running for their lives from the police and the gangsters that want them dead.

Like I said earlier I really enjoyed this book. I posted a lot about it on Litsy and Instagram. I posted so much about it that the author ended up commenting on one of my posts! I had to sit back and geeked out when I showed my husband. That was a proud moment for me! So go pick up this book.

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